Do Foaming Toilet Cleaners Really Work?

Chances are that you've seen ads for a variety of different "miracle" foaming toilet cleaners that claim to clean your toilet without you having to lift a finger. Most state that they work by filling the toilet bowl with foam that you then leave to "work" for up to 30 minutes. At that point the idea is that you can simply flush your toilet and it will be left sparkling clean. 

Unfortunately this is not reality. Many of these products do not even foam up, and if they do, they will only lift mineral deposits and lighten stains. Many consumers are misled into thinking that theses products will completely eliminate the need to physically clean. We genuinely hope that a product that can actually do this comes along and makes all of our lives easier, but for now, get to scrubbing. 

Our powder makes no claim to replacing regular toilet cleaning but our strong ingredients help to keep your toilet far fresher between cleanings. Citric acid and baking soda are some of the strongest natural cleaners available. We are no foaming toilet cleaner, but our toilet foam will greatly reduce toilet splash back, smell, sound, and staining.