How Citric Acid Can Clean Your Toilet

One of the hottest natural cleaning agents out there right now is citric acid. Originally derived from lemons, we now use a very certain type of mold that when fed sugar, creates citric acid. 

Many people are swapping out their old bottle of bleach for citric acid instead. The strong acid will attack buildups and staining to leave your toilet clean without having to use the heavy duty chemicals. Some have found that combining citric acid with baking soda amplifies the cleaning properties. Baking soda is a mild abrasive and odor absorber. 

When developing SplaShh powder, we decided to use citric acid and baking soda as our main ingredients to create our anti-splash powder but also to function as a foaming toilet cleaner to keep your toilet far cleaner between full cleanings. 


Splashh powder is the premier foaming anti-splash, cleaning toilet powder on the market. We don't see any need for a individual products for toilet odor, toilet cleaning, and splash reducing, so we made SplaShh.