Ten Toilet Facts to Make Your Friends and Family Feel Awkward

Oh you want some quick toilet stats and facts to make you that weird guy at a party or family gathering? We've got you. 

-Did you know that the average American uses the toilet 2,500 times a year?

-75 percent of Americans position the toilet paper so that the flap hangs over the front. 

-One toilet flush can send an aerosolized plume of toilet water and matter up to 15 feet. 

-NASA spent over $20 million dollars developing the ISS toilet. 

-Over 7 million people admit to having dropped their phone in the toilet.

-Pomegranates stuffed with cloves are considered to be the first ever bathroom air-freshener. 

-Rome had the first underground sewer system, estimated at 1500 years old!

-Only 80 percent of people wash their hands after using the bathroom, and only 30 percent of those use soap.

-The first stall in public restrooms is the least used and therefore, the cleanest. 

-Only 1 in 20 people properly wash their hands. If you're one of the 19, get better.