The Different Types of Bathroom Fresheners

So first what you're going to want to do is grab a slightly soft orange and start sticking the cloves in at regular intervals over the whole surface. Oh wait, that was half a millennia ago. Now, we are practically spoiled with all the options that we have for bathroom air fresheners. 

First we have the classic candle. There is a huge variety when it comes to candle scents, anything from Jamaican ocean breeze to warm cookies. A candle works by "sucking up" the melted wax into the wick, then burning it releasing the pleasant smell to cover unpleasant toilet odors. What you are smelling is actually very tiny particles of the candle. 

Next we have aerosolized sprays. These toilet odor sprays are usually in a pressurized container, and are developed specifically for the purpose of masking or eliminating bad smells and leaving a pleasant one instead. They are engineered to actually capture bad smelling molecules, block some smell receptors in your nose, and leave a pleasant smell behind. 

Another option that has skyrocketed in popularity for bathroom air fresheners the past few years is toilet water sprays. These sprays claim to work by creating a film on top of the water that will help capture scents before they can escape, and also slightly aerosolize to leave an area smelling clean. 

We weren't particularly impressed with any of these options, so when developing SplaShh, we thought of how we could help solve the toilet smell issue. Our main focus was obviously on creating a product that greatly reduces toilet splash and sound, followed by being a great foaming toilet cleaner, but we saw how these functions could help greatly reduce scent in the bathroom. Our patent-pending foam creates a thick barrier that captures gross toilet scent molecules, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is known for absorbing and breaking down scents, and finally natural essential oil not only helps freshen your toilet, but also leaves behind a nice fresh scent without being overpowering. 

The question to you is, why buy a product for each of these functions if we have one that does it all? Just remember, once you try it you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.