What Causes the Forbidden Poseidon’s Kiss?

The God of the Sea, brother of Zeus, kisser of backsides? All of us have unfortunately experienced the dreaded toilet splash back otherwise known as Poseidon's Kiss. Why does the Greek God of the sea punish us in this way?

Worthington jet splash water droplet

It starts with something called the Worthington Jet. When a, er, object, falls into the toilet water it creates an air pocket. Water rushes from the bottom and sides, crashes into itself, and sends a jet of water shooting up towards your exposed backside. 

Nobody wants toilet water on them, so what can we do? How can we stop the dreaded toilet splash? One of the most popular options is to take a few squares of toilet paper or one of your wipes and lay it across the surface of the water before you handle your business. A less popular option but an option nonetheless is to slide far forward on the toilet seat so that you make touchdown on the porcelain instead of the water. 

We may be a little biased, but we are fully convinced that we have the best anti-toilet splash option. For those times when you've got some real "work" to do in the ol' bathroom use some of our instant-foaming toilet powder.

Here's how it works. You add in a packet of powder or whatever amount you like with the scoop included in the original bag. The powder will create a very dense foam layer designed to keep Poseidon locked away in the depths, unable to reach through the protective layer. When an "object" falls it will go through the foam layer which will close instantly behind it and not allow the toilet water to come back to splash you.

Just because we like you we also made it not only smell great, but the foam will actually seal in the nasty bathroom odors that would otherwise be free to infiltrate your bathroom. No more trying to mask the scent with toilet sprays, scented candles, or the classic bathroom match lighting.

Don't want your significant other to hear the embarrassing poop plop? Worry not, the foam is so dense that it will reduce the sound to a gentle whisper. Poop in peace. You do not need to make the midnight run to the gas station to use the bathroom anymore! Your boyfriend or girlfriend will remain under the impression that you are too hot to poop. 

Last but not least we made sure to choose not only non-toxic and environmentally friendly ingredients, but ones that are some of the strongest natural toilet cleaners that mother nature has to offer. We aren't saying that you'll never have to clean your toilet again, but it will stay cleaner for longer.