Who is SplaShh Mini Made For?

The 9-5er:

A non-eventful day at the office. All of a sudden your stomach starts to gurgle. Oh no. You are going to have to use the dreaded office bathroom. No ambient noise, no fan. Not to worry! You have your trusty packet of SplaShh foaming toilet powder with you. Uncomfortable noises are going to be greatly minimized, smells that would leave small villages uninhabitable will be mitigated, you won't have the community toilet water assaulting you, and you don't have to worry about leaving embarrassing marks in the one toilet on the whole floor. It's time for you and your whole office to try a foaming toilet powder. 

The Dater:

The date went well, you go back to their place. Uh-oh, that gas station sushi isn't sitting quite right. You excuse yourself to go "freshen up." How thick are these walls? How strong is that fan? Lucky you, you came prepared. You empty in your emergency packet of SplaShh Mini, and the foam absorbs your worries, along with the sound, scent, and splash. No embarrassing stains or evidence today. 


The Public Bathroom Connoisseur 

Not all of us are blessed to be near the home throne when nature calls. If you have SplaShh Mini with you though, it will be the next best thing. Protect yourself from the icy punch of the public toilet splash. 

The Homebody 

Even at home, there is no reason that your toilet has to be a negative experience. With SplaShh Mini the toilet can become your safe haven, ok maybe not that extreme, but you get the idea. Just one warning, once you try our specially formulated foaming cleaning toilet powder, you will not be able to go back.