Splashh Powder

SplaShh 30 Count

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SplaShh Powder is the original 5-1 foaming toilet powder. Discreet packets can be stowed in cars, purses, desks, bathroom drawers, etc. Never be without! 

Sprinkle contents of one packet to instantly eliminate:

-Toilet Splash


-Unpleasant sound

-Common toilet bowl staining

-Toilet plume 

One order contains 30 single use packets. 


You can also use SplaShh Foaming Toilet Powder to clean your toilet! Simply add one packet, wait for the foam, then scrub your toilet normally. 


Once you try SplaShh foaming toilet bowl powder you will genuinely wonder how you ever lived without it! Leave those other foaming toilet cleaners in the past and get the one that does it all. 

Customer Reviews

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Emma Taylor
Good, but Hard to Open Packets

Incredible at keeping things quiet, odor-free! Leaves a little residue behind.


I have no idea who put the tear notch pointed down length of pouch... Is the only thing I am hating on this product. That person needs a demotion. I'm going to have to just use scissors in future so as to cleanly take off end and EASILY pour out contents without fighting pouch. Also, it mentions the sound... which I'm not so precious as to worry about a normal bodily function in public anyway, but it kind of did opposite of muffling it as it actually made it more noticeable by making the tinkling sound weird. I don't intend to take this in public anyway but since the product makes the claim was going to comment on that. It doesn't particularly smell lemony to me, but does smell pleasant... but reminds me of cleaning products in public restrooms more than what I usually buy. But not complaining since better than smelling like alternative. I let it sit for a bit before coming back to do my business and flush, and even without scrubbing that first time there was a clear difference. (I waited for these to arrive before cleaning since wanted to see how they did.) I'm wondering if pouring it into the tank might do anything there since my well water apparently makes that a bit grimy too and then it would run down over top of bowl when I flushed..... Don't see where it would do any harm to try. But yes, overall, am happy. It does a good job cleaning, even without scrubbing if you let it sit for a bit and when you flush, not every bit disappears (guess depends on your toilet) so you get lingering scent for a bit. I don't care about all the other dubious claims... that is enough for me. It cleans.

Quick Acting, Hush Foam

These individual packets of toilet cleaner are fast acting, and start to form quickly when introduced into the toilet bowl. The scent is clean and not over powering, and the powder foam forms fast and is a purple color, and quite thick. It forms a nice barrier which protects any splashing while using the toilet, it totally eliminates odors, and keeps any awkward noises at bay. As if that wasn't enough, it then cleans the toilet bowl with ease, and then with a flush it's gone. No need for cleaners, sprays, messes, just keep a packet handy for your next toilet visit or take them with you if you visit relatives, outdoor facilities, or any other foreign bathrooms. Great product, it really works, is easy to use, and I highly recommend it. It does what it says it is supposed to do, and that right there is worth it. It does hush the flush and keeps things quiet. Shhhhh!!! AAA+++

This is what you'd get if NASA had enginnerd Poo-Pourri

In the race to prove bathroom superiority, SplaShh may not have been first to get a toilet in space but they're the first to get it to the moon!

This is a product that seems packaged and marketed towards woman but I feel, could only have been over-engineering by a dude.

This has got it all:

• Smell control? Check
• Noise dampening? Check
• Splash control? Check
• Streak prevention and toilet cleaning? Check!

This is the product you want to use if you're ready to forget you're doing #2.

I'm joking around, of course but this product really does deliver on all those bullet points.

It really smells nice and in fact, made the public restroom I tested in which started out not smelling nice, pleasant even before I began my business. Every other claim they seem to make about it worked out for me, too.

Just pour and go

Super easy to use and cool, just add the powder to the water and it foams up a ton